”Cool Pants Connor”



Director of Creative Design
A Founding Crew Member

+ Where are you from?

Toms River, NJ

+ What is your educational background?

Monsignor Donovan, Kean University, Rutgers Master Gardener

+ When you aren't at Lead U, what are you doing?

Student teaching, playing in bands, reading about history, watching movies

+ Who do you view as a leader and why?

I view Fred Rogers as a leader. He set out make the world a better place the way he knew how; by making the world his neighbor.

+ What's one thing you remember from Kindergarten or the early years of school?

I remember the movie Twister came out when I was in kindergarten. I was OBSESSED with tornados and drew pictures of tornados so strong that they ripped the painted lines off of the road.

+ If you could only eat three foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Rice and beans, Austrian street food, pallak paneer

+ If you could ask your pet one question, what would it be?

I would never want to know what my cat is thinking. She's already too spiteful as it is.

+ If you could be a cartoon character for one week, who would it be?

Wiley Cayote. I want to see what its like to be immortal.

+ Who would play you in a movie of your life?

Jaquin Pheonix

+ If you could time travel, where would you go?

I would travel to the 1950s and start a cover band of songs that haven't been written yet. I'd call the band "Blue Oyster Beatles".

+ What is your favorite family or friend tradition?

Beach BBQs

+ What is your spirit animal and why?

Bird of Paradise

+ Most memorable Lead U moment

🙌When Texas Mike was born🙌